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Our Services

Our Depth of Knowledge Allows Us to Offer Clients Options and Solutions

Our relationships with suppliers mean we have access to products, pricing and service that others do not, and our woman and minority owned status makes us an asset to your contracting team.


RJP is often involved in projects from day one. We are brought to the table with the design team to help define the work and add our insight. By approaching a project from the perspective of our knowledge base, we can confidently say, “Here’s what we can accomplish for your budget and schedule.”

In addition to electrical installation, RJP offers:

Design/Build and Engineering

Design/Build is a project delivery system that relies on a single point of responsibility, which minimizes risks for the project owner, reduces delivery schedule, lowers costs, and helps maintain budgets. With RJP Electric design/build:

  • The project is kept in budget

  • The owner has maximum involvement

  • Changes are immediate

  • The owner selects the contractors they trust

Design/Build and Engineering

Automation and Controls

Controls are a specialty of RJP Electric. We have been working with numerous other electrical control companies for many years. This type of work takes considerable training and knowledge to master. 

  • Temperature controls

  • Energy management

  • HVAC power & controls

  • Lighting controls

  • Elevator power management

  • Fire recall

Automation and Controls

Communication Systems

RJP Electric's data group handles projects large and small for a wide range of customers. We are not aligned with any equipment vendors, but are trained in many different services. This gives the client peace of mind that we're not selling what we have, but rather what is best for their application.

  • Audio/visual

  • Sound masking (white noise)

  • Datacom/networking

  • Video surveillance

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Access control

  • Security

  • Telecom/VoIP

Communications Systems

Service and Maintenance

At RJP Electric we provide service and maintenance agreements for businesses of all sizes and for various types of systems and equipment. We ensure that all of our client’s systems are running their best with the highest availability possible.

  • Flexible service plans

  • 24-hour emergency services

  • Rapid response services

  • Scheduled shutdowns for maintenance

  • Equipment cleaning & testing

  • Energy auditing

  • Lighting retrofits

Service and Maintenance
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